Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kick Out the Jams

So, I posted this Sunday, but I should have included an update on the current issue of the Undercroft. I attended an editorial meeting, and I can now say with complete confidence that the premiere issue of the fourth volume of The Undercroft, "Kick Out the Jams: The Culture Jamming Issue" is now out. This issue includes feature articles with topics including the tactics of culture jamming, the permaculture movement, that big old spooky recession, as well as the process of societal labeling. There's also a description of Global Aware - an organization found in one of downtown Toronto's coziest communities, Kensington Market - dedicated to facilitating workshops on activism, media, and all kinds of great positive thinking, which the Undercroft staff recently visited for a workshop.

You can find the new issue at several locations, including Sideshow Tattoos in Georgetown, The Altered Native in Georgetown, the drop-in center at St. George's church in Georgetown, the Off the Wall youth centre in Acton, Dermagraphics by Paul in Milton, or off of any POSSE outreach worker outreaching on the streets of Acton, Georgetown and Milton this Summer. I will always stress that anyone seeking to make submissions should do so, and if you wish to make contributions, please email

Cover art by Tyler Klumpenhower. Layout by Tom Beedham.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Cattail Manifesto

Cattails just look like feces speared on blades of long grass.

Like natives displaying the heads of unsuccessful colonizers,

maybe this is nature's way of saying

"back off shitheads!"

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